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Who are our clients?

  • Small and Medium Enterprises – 20 to 200 employees
  • Growing businesses
  • IT Manager or IT technical person who wants to outsource some functions

What issues and challenges do clients of Simtec IT face?

  • Unsure if their IT systems are right for them or properly configured
  • Unsure of the risks relating to IT systems or their business
  • Multiple IT service providers
  • Experiencing problems with their IT systems or suppliers
  • Do not know who they can contact
  • May not see the value in their IT expenditure

What outcomes do our clients want?

  • IT as a managed service
  • Confident that they have the systems that best fit their requirements
  • Want to partner with their suppliers
  • Want to identify and reduce risks and have confidence in the mitigation
  • Single IT service provider
  • An IT service provider they trust
  • Reduce complexity

What benefits does Simtec IT offer?

  • A business partnership
  • Management of all their IT requirements and solutions
  • IT solutions that deliver a measurable financial benefit
  • Appropriate risk management
  • Alliances with multiple specialist IT suppliers
  • Single IT service provider
  • Clear SLAs
  • Regular reviews of IT performance versus cost
  • Free IT Health Check (free stuff)

Are Simtec IT credible suppliers?

  • 53 years experience in all areas of IT
  • Strategic alliances with reputable IT suppliers

What is Simtec IT’s Management process?

  • The IT Health Check
  • The IT Audit
  • The IT Transformation Plan
  • The IT Management Service