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Planning and Risk Management

Your organisation needs an integrated business, risk management and IT plan. Business owners are often unaware of their organisation’s IT obligations and risk.

Simtec IT will review your business and risk plans and work with you to ensure they are fully exploiting opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness with IT solutions.

Business owners may not be aware of the risk of unauthorised access of their data that may contain confidential client information. We are able to assess and mitigate these risks and ensure the security of confidential information.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Many businesses have no plan in place to recover their business in the event of a disaster. The likelihood of a major disaster such as a fire or flood is low. More likely events, like a burst water pipe or a disgruntled employee, may cause interruption to your IT services.

Simtec IT ensures you have processes in place so you can recover from disasters of any scale.

IT Policies and Processes

Organisations are often unaware of the value they are deriving from investment in IT. Simtec IT will help organisations establish governance policies and processes that ensure business owners understand the value they are getting from their IT investments.

Simtec IT will establish processes that allow business owners to determine whether IT expenditure will provide financial benefit to their business.

Remote Monitoring

Where your organisation has servers located at your premises Simtec IT can remotely monitor your server’s performance and proactively correct any problems.

Hardware Procurement and Maintenance

Simtec IT can provide any computer hardware your business may need. We are brand independent and we will find the equipment that best suits your needs. We arrange onsite maintenance for servers and offsite maintenance for PCs and laptops.  Click here to find how we can help you with hardware faults.

Software Procurement and Licensing

Many businesses are unaware of the severe penalties for using unlicensed software. Simtec IT can audit your computer systems and identify any licensing requirements.
We will maintain licensing information for you so you don’t need to worry about storing or managing this complex information.

Project Management

Any work delivered by Simtec IT is project managed to keep you informed and in control at all times.

Simtec IT can provide project management services for any IT related project. We use the Prince2 Project Management Methodology.

Help Desk and Ad-hoc Services

Simtec IT can arrange for IT Help Desk and ad-hoc IT services on a time and materials basis or through a contract. We also offer the option of purchasing blocks of support hours at reduced hourly rates.