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The Management Service

Once the Transformation Plan is complete, we will continue to manage your IT services and perform regular reviews to ensure alignment between your IT services and your business requirements.

If it will benefit your business, we can arrange finance for all or part of your IT costs, including equipment you have already purchased.

Strict service agreements ensure you get reliable and consistent IT performance that benefits your business.

As your business grows, we will be there to ensure your IT services continue to meet your needs.  To do this we follow a simple but effective process to;


Over the course of our work with you we hope to become experts on your organisation, and this process begins with a discovery meeting. During this conversation, we’ll learn about where you are currently, what you have planned for the future, and how technology can help you get to where you’re going. Our staff will let you know the options for meeting your technological needs and give you an idea of how the process will work.


The design phase is the most important part of any project. This phase allows us to sit down with you, talk through your ideas and organisational goals, and conduct a full analysis of your current technology. We’ll ask lots of questions and, by the end of this phase, we’ll know your organization well enough to make technical recommendations to help you reach your goals.


In the build phase we’ll take what we learned in the design phase about your organisation’s requirements and implement the agreed solutions, collaborating with you every step of the way to ensure that your needs are being met. This phase includes time to provide training and support to key staff members for any new technologies implemented.


Our engagement with you does not stop after implementation.  We want to be there to ensure that your project is successful in the long-term.  This begins with a post-implementation review and evaluation of the project.  Based on that assessment, we’ll determine next steps and establish a road-map for successful adoption of the new systems, tools, and processes. With many projects, this will begin with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that questions can be answered, problems can be resolved quickly, and fine-tuning can be done to meet your day-to-day needs.