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The Transformation Plan

Simtec IT focuses on managing risk, reducing the long-term cost of your IT and increasing reliability and performance – thereby improving your bottom line.

Of course, this cannot happen overnight.

We start by understanding your business. Initially we perform a cost and obligation free Simtec IT Health Check of your current IT situation and identify any immediate problems. If we can’t help then we will tell you straight away.

The next step is a more detailed audit of your IT environment, a review of your Business Plan and interviews with key people in your organisation. This may identify issues that require immediate attention. Simtec IT will provide a fixed price quote to resolve these issues.

Simtec IT will then develop a Transformation Plan to improve your IT services to a more reliable and robust state with reduced risk and cost. The Transformation occurs in clearly defined stages and is structured in such a way that you can proceed with any stage without necessarily committing to subsequent stages. In other words, the Transformation Plan is structured to suit your business requirements and budget.

As the Transformation Plan unfolds, Simtec IT will engage our alliance partners to deliver specific IT services. You do not need to worry about this, as we will manage everything on your behalf.

Often businesses will have some burning issue that triggered their review of IT service provision. Simtec IT may implement some specific, short-term solutions to alleviate immediate problems.