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EMAIL ARCHIVING – What is STarchive

What is STarchive?

STarchive is the process of taking in, listing, and saving email information into a data source to make it available and retrievable for a variety of uses. These uses could include email restoration, conformity or review related activities for monitoring communications or legal discovery.

Why benefits are there with STarchive?

There are many benefits of cloud based email archiving, the top four being the ability to improve data storage management; to reduce IT costs; to enable easier, quicker and cheaper regulatory compliance; and to streamline the response needed for e-Discovery requests.

What is the pricing model for STarchive?

STarchive is priced on a per-mailbox per-month basis.  This enables you to know and plan what your email archiving costs will be, with the only change being the result of adding or removing mailboxes from the archive.

What are the up-front costs for the STarchive service?

STarchive charges no upfront fees to commence archiving your email data. STarchive does not require any hardware or software installation which offers a dramatic saving compared to alternative on-premise solutions.

If customers decide they want their legacy email data transferred to the STarchive there is a one-time fee charged to setup and manage this migration process.

Does STarchive offer free trials?

Yes we offer a free 14 day trial of our cloud based email archiving service.  To learn more click here or call us at 02 8080 3434.

What happens to all my old emails?

We can import all your past email files from any number of multiple legacy email archiving services as well as from any individual archive files (such as PST or NSF) all into one central repository.

How can I subscribe to the STarchive?

To subscribe STarchive, please click here or call us at 02 8080 3434

What happens to my archive data if I decide to cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription to STarchive, we will export your archive data in a standard format and return it to you.

Is the STarchive secure?

All user data is kept encrypted and safe at all times. STarchive uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt all communication transferred to or from the data centre. All data in the archive is encrypted with military grade (AES 256-bit) encryption with no shared encryption keys across customers.

What are the storage limits for the STarchive service?

There are no storage limits with STarchive. Customers pay a flat fee per-mailbox per-month regardless of the amount of storage used.

What makes the STarchive different from other solutions in the market?

Our archive is easier to deploy, easier to use, and more cost-effective than other solutions.  We deliver these benefits through the use of pure cloud computing technologies. We are different from “on-premise” systems in that archiving is delivered as a service via the internet, removing any install, configuration, maintenance or licensing associated with hardware or software.  We are also compatible with a wider variety of email platforms than other vendors.

Which email platforms does STarchive support?

Our archive service supports all popular email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, Kerio Mailserver, Lotus Notes, Lotus Live iNotes, Zimbra, Google Apps, Gmail, and others.  For more information, please contact us.

How can the STarchive service reduce storage costs?

STarchive reduces storage space costs by reducing the volume of information that needs to be saved with on-premise systems. STarchive also achieves extraordinary saving compared to alternative on-premise solutions as it does not require the installation, set up, maintenance or upgrade of hardware or software. Instead, your information is saved in cost-effective cloud storage facilities that will give you immediate additional storage space when you need it.