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Business grade backup solution

Backing up to the cloud means a business need not worry about system crashes, employee mistakes or missed protocols. With Backup4U your data is available for recovery 24/7 and it is fully secure at all times. Security, as designated by government legislation and compliance codes, is a form of insurance for your valuable business data – with Backup4U your business and its data is protected should something go wrong.

Can you afford to lose data?

Businesses today rely on continuous access to electronically stored data, which has led to companies diversifying away from their core business focus into trying to become IT specialists as well.  However, protecting data in-house can be very costly and resource intensive, therefore it makes commercial sense to simply outsource your storage to specialist organisations, who deliver robust hosted storage services.

Ever changing business requirements mean that your IT infrastructure has to be flexible. Backup4u supports small to medium sized businesses with their critical data backup and storage.  We have both dedicated hosting and cloud hosting solutions to give you flexibility to choose the type of platform you need for your business.

 Why trust Backup4U

Implementing the right data solution is challenging. Backup4U eliminates the hassle and saves you time and money. Backup4U caters for every IT environment and provides a sustainable platform for data and business growth. Users have the confidence that data storage can match future demands and enjoy the lack of data budgeting concerns.