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Simtec IT is committed to making email and the Internet a secure, safe, compliant and productive environment for business. The suite of products offered by our partners delivers true business grade utility services which are focused on making your business use of internet (email, web and messaging) as simple and plug and play, as your use of electricity.

Manage the Internet and protect your business by using;

STmail – a business grade, affordable and effective email filtering/security solution that is easy to use and automatically updated to protect against the latest threats.

STweb  – an affordable and effective web filtering and security service that is easy to use, automatically updated, and managed to protect your business against the latest Internet web threats, productivity loss and legal compliance.

STaware – records all activity and provides the ability to view email correspondence, instant messaging, internet activity, database queries, and documents accessed or changed.

STarchive - delivers true “business grade”email archiving technology to small to medium businesses for a fraction of the cost without the need to purchase hardware, install software or manage ongoing maintenance.