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STarchive is the process by which Simtec IT captures, stores, and makes available all email within a business environment so that it is searchable by authorised individuals in an organisation.

Today more than ever your orders, quotes, correspondence with clients and suppliers are all stored within your email. Promises are made, and work is delivered and stored in the individual email mailboxes for each of your staff. Email today has become the standard method for having “things in writing”.

Regulatory Compliance

In Australia, emails are subject to legal discovery. Requests from Federal agencies, the Courts, and lawyers must be handled quickly by maintaining seamless email logs. In order to comply with regulatory requirements and protect your business in the event of litigation, a reliable compliance strategy must be adopted.

STarchive meets all legal discovery requirements.

Protection against Data Loss

Important email can be lost due to technical or human error, or even intentional deletion. Employees often delete their entire inbox when they leave the company. STarchive enables the central, secure, and complete storage of all emails for any length of time, ensuring reliable protection against data loss.

Increased Productivity

In today’s business environment a large part of a company’s critical information is now saved in the form of email. Having efficient access to this data and having it available at all times is an important factor in supporting productivity and being competitive. With STarchive, emails can be retrieved in the in the most efficient way.

Lower IT Costs

Overloaded servers, increasing storage costs and time-consuming backup and restore processes put a high burden on a company’s IT and its budgets. STarchive can significantly reduce these costs. It can also protect your company from financial risks that can result from data losses or legal conflicts.

Archive & Research

EVERY email that any person in your business sends and receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever. Individual users may also access their own archive so they can be comfortable in deleting emails and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.

Mail Servers Overflowing!

Email is the fastest growing storage requirement for most businesses. Your business information and correspondence is all stored in individual mailboxes which becomes the unstructured store of your organisations intellectual property. However when managing storage, email is usually the first area where we apply quotas, and force people to make decisions individually as to what intellectual property of your business should be deleted and kept. Worse still, when people leave it is common practice to delete everything!

Email Visibility

Many business store archived email in PST files that may or may not be backed up. PST’s where people have already deleted and changed emails that they may not want kept by the business. PST’s that would take hours or days to retrieve an individual message if required.