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Protect Against Web Threats

Viruses & Spyware: STweb inspects and protects against known viruses and worms using signature and heuristic technologies. STweb’s architecture provides inspection at many times the speed of most competitive products, ensuring full protection without introducing latency. In addition, spyware is a pervasive and significant security risk.

STweb anti-spyware detects and stops a range of spyware, including malicious Trojans, system monitors, keyloggers,and adware. STweb’s single-scan, multi-action (SSMA) technology minimises latency, while providing multi-layered security.

The STweb is an easy-to-use Web security solution that effectively blocks quickly-evolving Web threats, including spyware, viruses and phishing attacks, while enabling greater control over unauthorized Web surfing by employees.

  • Spyware Blocking
  • Anti-virus Defense
  • Anti-Phishing Protection
  • Advanced URL Filtering
  • Safe Search Security
  • Group policies management
  • IP- and user-level authentication
  • Real-time threat, content, and Internet usage reports