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In November 2004, Microsoft’s second-in-command Steve Ballmer made some headlines by mentioning that Chairman Bill Gates was getting four million spams per day. At the time, I was dealing with a little spam problem of my own – I was getting around a million spams per day. I found it a little comforting that my problem wasn’t quite as bad as Bill’s. However, a couple of weeks later Ballmer corrected himself, saying he mis-remembered the stat and Gates actually gets four million per year. “This means I was getting one hundred times as much spam as Bill Gates”. After filtering we both get about the same amount: around ten spams per day in our inboxes.

What is the Goal of Email Filtering?

  • Keep the email service running and useful.
  • Keep the web service running too, since it’s on the same machine.
  • Avoid losing real email by mistake.
  • Spend as little time as possible on the above, so that more important things are done.

Email Protection from SPAM, Viruses and more

Stop email and Web threats easily, effectively

Simtec Managed Services (SMS) can help you to protect your business against a wide range of email and Web threats – from spam and viruses to spyware and fraudulent phishing attacks – with fully-managed online security solutions powered by Manage Protect.

Your business can easily put the STmail to work for your business. Setting up this managed anti-virus service takes only minutes, allowing you to immediately protect your users, boost your IT staff’s productivity and save your organisation time and money. In addition, you do not have to purchase new equipment, deploy new software, or worry about maintenance, because it is hosted and administered for your organisation.

Simtec Managed Services offers;

  • Convenient month-to-month terms
  • No hardware or software to integrate
  • Rapid service activation in as little as one business day
  • Easy administration through an intuitive Web-based administrative portal
  • Flexibility and scalability so the services can grow with your needs