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Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has revolutionized telecommunication systems to unbelievable heights. Many businesses have  taken advantage of this technology to make long distance calls at affordable rates. In this innovative method, analog audio signals are turned into digital data which are then transmitted over the Internet. You can make international calls virtually free, excluding the charge for internet service.

Once the realm of only the largest enterprises, unified communications technologies are now available — and affordable to all business categories. Essentially, unified communications allows you to make and receive phone calls over the Internet and along your local IP network.

Many companies that install IP-based phone systems upgrade their networks and Internet connections at the same time; voice traffic is data-intensive and requires at least Ethernet speeds and a broadband connection. Also, voice networks are often converged with data networks, which mean that you’re running both data and voice traffic on the same network.

Top Benefits of Unified Messaging

Unified messaging provides a number of benefits for users to manage their businesses with accessible, interfaced electronic communication systems, such as e-mail, voice, messenger services.

  • A single inbox. Unified messaging can deliver all types of messaging and communication to a single inbox. The single inbox is easier for administrators to maintain, and provides flexibility for users to manage and interact with all of their communications.
  • Efficient communication. Users can communicate more efficiently by having access to all communications at one time and being free to share, forward, or manage them in the way that’s most convenient or effective for the given communication.
  • Cost savings. Merging streamlines the communications administration and consolidates the infrastructure onto fewer physical servers, saving money for the enterprise.
  • Access from anywhere. Unified messaging provides alternative methods of accessing communications. By merging e-mail, voice, and other communications, users can get voice messages in e-mail, have e-mail dictated over the phone, or access communications via the Web.

In today’s world business telephony systems are all about consumer choice. You can now choose between traditional, analog and IP-based phone systems.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any phone system you deploy today is the choices it gives you for future communication initiatives.  Simtec IT will provide your business with improved communication flow at a much reduced cost, especially when dealing with inter-state,international or mobile communications.