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Why Use Simtec IT?

What makes us stand out is our reputation for delivering innovative results – as well as the reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality customer service that are a must have for all of our clients.

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that don’t have full-time IT staff use technicians to fix their IT problems. These technicians are often technically gifted but do not have the broader business expertise to identify the best solutions for your business.

It is not in their interests to introduce changes that eliminate the need for their services.

Information Technology has become complex and diverse and no one is an expert on all areas. To fully exploit the potential benefits of IT in your business, you need many experts in different fields.

Simtec IT’s Senior Consultants, Andrew Sim and Barry Whitnall, have more than 50 years experience in a broad range of organisations and systems. While we deliver some services directly, we rely on alliance partners to deliver technical services according to strict service agreements that we negotiate on your behalf.

Do you want IT that works?

Simtec IT is your contract Information Technology Manager for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Many SME owners or managers do not have time to manage their IT systems nor can their business afford fulltime IT staff. Simtec IT works with many SMEs, who may have no internal IT staff, to ensure they get real business benefits from their IT investments.

We also work with larger organisations that need external expertise in key areas like IT strategic planning, risk management, disaster recovery or hosted services.

If you are like many of our clients, one or more of these situations might be familiar to you…

Your IT costs are increasing but performance is declining. Often managers only become aware of this at end-of-year or budget time. You can see the smoke but you don’t know where the fire is. If you can’t pinpoint why this is happening, the costs will continue to increase and the performance of your systems will continue to decline.

Your management and staff have lost faith in your IT systems. You realise that this can affect staff retention. Maybe some people have already left. Your people are well trained and productive but your IT systems are frustratingly unreliable and difficult to use.

Your unreliable IT systems are impeding your company’s growth. You know you need to grow your company and you know how to do so, but you do not think your existing systems will grow with you.

An IT problem has seriously affected your business. You may have lost some information or one of your staff has walked off with your entire customer list. Maybe you aren’t confident your system backups are working properly. What would you do if a fire destroyed your computer room?

Your IT systems are complex and you do not understand your current IT  provider’s technical proposals. You are an expert on your business but IT has become so complicated that there are very few, if any, real experts on all areas of IT. What is worse, some IT people do not speak plain English so you can’t tell whether a proposal is right for your company.